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Your Wellbeing Rescue starts here...

Dear Sister, how is your heart?

  • Do you need peace of mind?

  • Do you need to heal from trauma?

  • Do you desire to love and be loved?

  • Do you need to live authentically from peaceful thoughts?

  • Do you seek a path to healing and caring for your soul?

  • Do you desire to be truly joyful in all circumstances?

Do you need to learn healthy practices to navigate pain and suffering?

  • Do you need to transform your heart by renewing your mind?


...Do you need to Break FREE from burdensome worries, anxieties, unhealthy thought patterns, heaviness on your heart?
…Do you need to Break Through the tough seasons of life, the trials that may steal your joy and peace?
…Do you need to Breathe Again?

Focus on your Heart & Mind

The FREEdom we encourage and facilitate comes from the inside out – from your heart – by doing the work of renewing your mind. Pioneered by our Founder, IAFW Heart Transformation Coaching & Therapy focuses on helping you process and derive healthy meaning from your traumas and life’s unfortunate circumstances and fortunate opportunities so you can move forward and thrive.


Our goal and hope for you as you step into your transformation journey is to be FREE – Faithfully Renewed Encouraged Exceptional in your spirit, your soul, and your body. 

We help you heal from trauma, discover who you are in loving yourself and repairing relational intimacy with others.


You will gain insights to healing your heart by renewing your mind. You learn to walk in true pure unconditional love as we walk with you on your journey to healing and FREEdom

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Our Approach

IAFW is a safe haven where you heal from relational hurts, resolve conflicts with self and others, and alleviate negative patterns of unhealthy thinking or behaviors. We help you restore trust and overcome adversity.


You learn to Break FREE, Break Through, and Breathe Again! We believe you can choose to be FREE, choose to live FREE and choose to stay FREE!

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